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China, one of the world's most ancient civilizations, boasts a rich and diverse culture. If you love adventure and would like to experience the rich culture of China, English teacher jobs are the perfect opportunity for you.

With its rich culture, stunning beaches, and delicious cuisine; Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia. Teach English in Thailand and embark on an exciting adventure where you can immerse yourself in the friendly Thai culture.

Hong Kong is the perfect blend of East meets West and offers some of the best English teaching jobs abroad. Experience one of the most vibrant places in the world, while soaking yourself in a diverse culture that beautifully combines ancient with modern.

Turkey is a transcontinental country located in Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia bordering the Black Sea. One of famous meals is kebab made from grilled lamb. Turkey is famous for the Blue Mosque, and the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul; the Bosporus Bridge, which connects Asia with Europe.

Russia has a rich, cultural heritage steeped in arts and literature. Teaching English in Russia is a perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of this fascinating nation, warm hospitality of locals and Russian culture and offers some of the best teaching jobs abroad.

Southeast coast of China, Taiwan blends subtropical island beauty with a taste of modern Asia. Known for its rich culture, cutting edge techonology, friendly people and enviornment. Low cost of living with high quality living standard makes Taiwan a hotspot for teaching English in Asia.

Japan has become an art and technology force in today's world. Teaching English in Japan not only is the perfect opportunity to be immersed in a unique and hospitable culture, but also lets you experience the strong contrasts between traditional and modern.

Teaching in the Middle East is a unique opportunity to live and work in an area that is developing rapidly, rich in both history and natural resources. Tax-free salaries, amazing weather and stunning deserts make Saudi Arabia a popular place to teach English.

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On the Mark Education has placed hundreds of individuals in English teaching positions throughout 
China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, JapanRussia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

We bring to you the best ESL jobs for those looking to teach English abroad in leading public and private schools and internationally recognized educational institutions.

Our extensive experience in recruiting and placing teachers makes the entire process of searching ESL jobs abroad a breeze. We are here every step of the way, to help you find the most suitable English teacher jobs in your preferred location and make an informed decision!

What does this cost you? Absolutely NOTHING but a rewarding life journey. 

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  • "Huge thanks to On The Mark! They quickly and easily helped me land my current teaching job in Thailand. There are no hidden fees and their support is great. I have been teaching already for one month and am grateful to On the Mark for helping to make this experience made so enjoyable."

    Alison Reynolds
    Alison, American
    Teaching in Thailand
    Best English Teaching Jobs in China
  • "I'm extremely pleased with On the Mark Education. Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect job! Looking for a teaching position on the other side of the world is a grueling and intimidating process. On the Mark made everything so easy and was there for all of my needs."

    English Teacher
    Justina, American
    Teaching in Jakarta, Indonesia
    Best English Teaching Jobs in China
  • "Seriously impressed with On The Mark. Within hours of me sending them an application for a position in Hong Kong, I was contacted and had an interview set up for a school and am happy to say have been offered a position! I will definitely recommend On The Mark to anyone wanting to teach in a different country. The follow through and consistency was great."

    Cherylynne Baxter in Hong Kong
    Cherylynne, South African
    Teaching in Hong Kong
    Best English Teaching Jobs in China
  • "I am very appreciative for how On The Mark helped me connect with my school in Borabu, Thailand. I am fortunate to work in a rural area and would have never had access to the fabulous area, in which I now live. On The Mark was the first step to my future."

    Teacher in Thailand
    Brittany, American
    Teaching in Thailand
    Best English Teaching Jobs in China
  • "On the Mark exceeds expectations. After much research, I wanted to make a move to China to teach English. The whole process was set up a day after I sent over my resume to On The Mark, a week later I was offered a position in Nanjing. I'll definitely be referring any friends that are interested, and would use with confidence. Well done ."

    Teacher in Nanjing, China
    Chris, South African
    Teaching in Nanjing, China
    Best English Teaching Jobs in China
  • "The process with On the Mark was a breeze! I would recommend anyone to work through On the Mark. We wanted a change of scenery and to find a place where we can work long term. Thailand was a good option for us. The visa to get in the country was not hard to obtain. I loved the country. My boyfriend and I lived in Chiang Mai for a while, it was nostalgic and amazing everything we hoped for."

    Priscilla - Teach in Thailand
    Priscilla, South African
    Teaching in Thailand
    Best English Teaching Jobs in China
  • "On the Mark was incredibly understanding and told me that they would keep in touch for the following semester. Months later they were true to their word. I am now in Thailand teaching and loving every moment of it. To leave my home country, family and friends is a big move but their constant communication, clarity and encouragement made every step of the process so simple and less fearful."

    Tami - Our Teacher in Thailand
    Tami, American
    Teaching in Thailand
    Best English Teaching Jobs in China
  • "On the Mark TEFL was super helpful, they responded to my emails and concerns quick and efficiently, they certainly did cater to my needs which was nice to have. They told me step by step what I needed to do, they gave me information on Shanghai along with the company. They were with me throughout each step and told me how many hours of TEFL I needed and all the requirements, I will be using them for my next job."

    Teach English Review By Karishma
    Karishma, South African
    Teaching in Shanghai, China
    Best English Teaching Jobs in China
  • "I cannot sing the praises of On the Mark Recruitment higher. As a recent university graduate, I found job searching rather intimidating at times--especially looking for an ESL job in a different country. However, I've received tremendous support, guidance, and help from On the Mark Recruitment for navigating the waters of teaching abroad. On the Mark Recruitment was extremely professional, proactive, and timely in communication. I trust that On the Mark Recruitment is looking out for my best interest and acting as an advocate for me--be it communicating with potential schools or following up with employers in the visa process. If you're looking to teach abroad, I would definitely recommend working with On the Mark Recruitment."

    TEFL Review By Nicole
    Nicole, American
    Teaching in Guangzhou, China
    Best English Teaching Jobs in China
  • "A huge thank you to On the Mark Recruitment. They were so helpful and supportive throughout the job search. Their quick responses and brilliant offers made the process easy and stress free. I would recommend their services to everyone."

    Robyn - Teaching English in Hong Kong
    Robyn, South African
    Teaching in Hong Kong
    Best English Teaching Jobs in China