Why You Should Take Up English Teaching Jobs in China?

With the fastest growing economy in the world, and billions of non-English speakers, China is an ideal country for English teaching jobs. The demand for ESL jobs in China has skyrocketed in the last few years, thanks to the growing interest among the new generation of people who are keen to provide their children with the knowledge in English language.

What’s more, the fascinating rich heritage, diverse cultural landscape, and extensive history; make China a great place to teach English and experience the beauty of this beautiful nation.

If you want to immerse yourself in rich Chinese culture, teaching English in China is an ideal opportunity for you. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of teaching English in China:

The last thing anyone would want is to deal with financial troubles while adjusting to life in a foreign country. Best part is in China, your salaries as an English teacher would be sufficient to live comfortably. You can save a significant part of your salary even after you have spent money on your travels, culinary delights and social activities. You can gorge on scrumptious Chinese dumplings without breaking the bank. Fortunately, the cost of living in China is low as compared to American and European countries.

It’s good for your resume and career
Teaching English in China may not appear very significant to you for career growth right now. But there are various skills that you can pick up while doing a TEFL job in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou that would benefit you in future. Most importantly, working in a culturally diverse country like China proves your ability to adapt in a new environment and handle new challenges. You get to hone your communication skills and leadership skills by speaking in front of large groups of people. Besides learning an additional language like Mandarin Chinese is another skill that would look great on your resume. All this can give you an edge while applying for jobs in Embassies or government jobs in China or elsewhere.

Language Acquisition skills
Teaching English in Beijing has very advantages. It doesn’t mean only you get to impart knowledge. You can learn Mandarin Chinese by speaking with the students and locals in their language. Learning or speaking Mandarin Chinese is often considered impossible by many. But if you are willing to take lessons and put in some effort to acquire new language skills; it becomes so much fun.

Travel opportunities are immense
As a traveler whatever you seek, be it mountains, beaches, deserts, grand architecture; China has it all, and more. The historic monuments and temples are impressive and fascinating. The best part is China’s transport network is quite efficient. There are high-speed trains as well as minibuses and cheap flights that make commuting easy. During weekends, enjoy the cosmopolitan vibes of big cities like Shanghai or Beijing or head to provinces like Sichuan to enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes and natural beauty.

China is an immense, geographically huge, culturally diverse country that has a rich, extensive history which spans more than 5,000 years. It boasts of the oldest and most diverse culture in the world. Teaching English in Beijing or Shanghai is the perfect opportunity for you to soak in the rich culture that China has to offer. You can relish Chinese architecture, learn Tai-Chi, Eastern martial arts and so much more you can do in your free time.

Live like a local
By tasking up an ESL job in Shanghai or Beijing, you actually get to live in a foreign country but not as a tourist. Being able to interact with the locals, going to a local gym, making new friends, or bargain with the shopkeeper for a little souvenir in their language; can make you feel a part of the community.

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