5 Top Reasons for Choosing an English Teaching Job in Beijing

Do you want to travel and teach at the same time?
Do you wish to explore China but can’t afford it?

If you wish to experience the length and breadth of Chinese culture and way of life, there is no better city than Beijing to live and teach English. The demand for English teachers has grown exponentially ever since 2008 Olympics were held here.

Considered as the main hub of political and cultural life in China, Beijing offers unparalleled opportunities for people looking for TEFL jobs in Beijing. It is the city where all the action takes place, where cultural activities mesmerize locals and tourists alike.

Beijing is the melting pot of China’s rich past and progressive future. Taking up an ESL job in Beijing is a great way to earn good living and at the same time gain access to one of the most fascinating and historically rich cities in the world. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should teach English in Beijing:

1. Epitome of Modern City

Epitome of Modern City Beijing

Beijing is one of the ancient cities of China but it is in no way under-developed. Beijing is a truly modern city in every sense of the term. With skyscrapers, cafes, cinemas, restaurants all around; you can have a great time in the city. Besides the city has well-laid out public transit system with high speed trains that connect to other provinces. Working and living in Beijing will be a breeze for you!

2. Hub of Chinese Culture

Chinese culture

Beijing is the main cultural center of China. Take up an English teaching job in Beijing and you can get to explore the rich Chinese culture up, close and personal in your free time. Take a Kung Fu lesson, visit museums, watch the Peking opera, check out the Acrobatics show, participate in the tea ceremony at a Teahouse and so much more.

3. Places of Attraction

Great Wall of China

Moreover Beijing is home to China’s most treasured historical monuments – Visit the Great Wall of China, explore the Forbidden Palace, Temple of Heaven, the Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square, and much more. In your free time, you can explore the various monuments and national landmarks.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment in the Capital City of China - Beijing

There is no dearth of entertainment in the capital city of China. Beijing boasts of a colorful nightlife. It is brimming with upscale nightclubs, Karaoke clubs, bars, opera, teahouses, theatres; there is so much to do and see for all kinds of people with different interests and preferences. The famous pub streets such as Houhai is a haven for shopaholics, food and party lovers.

5. Cost of Living
The cost of living in Beijing and throughout China is quite lower as compared to western cities. An ESL job in Beijing can earn you competitive salary and various perks. You can easily eat out regularly, travel and enjoy a comfortable life.

Apart from good monthly salary, schools also offer flight allowance, free accommodation, insurance, visa, airport pickup and much more.

With good packages, perks and so much to see and explore; Beijing is the perfect city to pick up an ESL job.

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