Why You Should Teach English in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China and the capital of Guangdong province. With an exciting metropolis life and a significant population of prosperous citizens, the city offers an immense opportunity for English language teachers to build their career in China. Guangzhou is a port city that is full of life, and is always a preferable place for teaching English and experience a good lifestyle. The port city is well-connected to Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam, and offers a lucrative opportunity for an English language teacher to spend an exciting weekend in these places.

Eat and Teach English in China
The city of Guangzhou offers an array of multi-cuisine restaurants to relish a whole range of dishes from different cultures.

Heaven for foodies

The city of Guangzhou offers an array of multi-cuisine restaurants to relish a whole range of dishes from different cultures. Besides, these restaurants serve authentic Chinese delicacies that can always be inspiring if you love foods. You will also find numerous tea shops that offer different tea flavors to keep you awake and fresh all the time. If you want to taste different varieties of cuisine, you cannot resist the opportunity to Teach English in Guangzhou.

Excellent climate

You will never repent on your decision of reaching Guangzhou to pursue your teaching career. The sub-tropical climate of Guangzhou is pleasant with a year round average temperature of around 22 degrees. Enjoy a friendly and favorable climate, if you are selected for one of the English teaching jobs in Guangzhou.

Natural Demand

Guangzhou is well known for its industrial developments, particularly in the areas of ceramics and embroidery. Moreover, the city has been hosting annual import & export fair in China since 1957, which witnesses a heavy footfall of international traders. All these are conducive to the growth of the English speaking communities in the city. This is the reason why there are numerous ESL jobs in Guangzhou, and there are several schools that absorb hundreds of English language teachers every year.

For English language teachers, Guangzhou has lots of opportunities. From young learners to business class professionals, all are now intending to develop their English language skills. Thus, there are a large number of TEFL jobs in Guangzhou, and which generally guarantee a handsome remuneration, free accommodation, exciting holiday or recreation opportunities and other perks. The need for developing a new generation of young business people and professionally skilled workers with English language skills, is propelling China to maintain easier Visa norms for the English language teachers coming from other countries.

TEFL Job in Guangzhou
Guangzhou is a great destination for ESL teachers to enjoy teaching English to students of all age groups.

Guangzhou is one of the favorite destinations in China for English language teachers to enjoy teaching English to students of all age groups. There is a variety of fun activities that one can engage into on weekends or holidays. The city also offers a number of getaway destinations where one can spend quality time with family or friends.

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing an English Teaching Job in Shenzhen

Being an industrial hub of China, Shenzhen offers a number of teaching jobs for English language teachers, making it easier for them to become a part of the fast pace life of this Chinese city. Modern day China is fast becoming a center stage of the global business, and thus creating a demand for English speaking professionals in the country. Chinese people are adapting themselves to this changing scenario and are sending their children to foreign universities where they can get a proper English education. At the same time, a developed city like Shenzhen has a lot of opportunities for foreign English teachers to Teach English in Shenzhen and to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable life.

ESL jobs in Shenzhen

Shenzhen: the flourishing trade center

In 1980, Shenzhen was transformed into the first special economic zone in China from a fishing village. In the past 35 years and more, the city has emerged as a global trade center, offering all ambiances and facilities to help create a global lifestyle in the city. The city offers scores of high paying ESL jobs and one can also enjoy a lively nightlife and a variety of cuisines.

Attractive Remuneration

In Asia, Shenzhen is one of the most promising destinations to pursue an English teaching job. There are numerous English teaching jobs in Shenzhen which ensure that qualified English teachers take upon the responsibility of imparting English education to students of all ages. An English teaching job can earn for you a handsome salary every month and ensure a comfortable lifestyle. The remuneration can range anywhere between USD 2000-3000, and most schools often provide a free accommodation to the teachers. Besides, one can also get a flight allowance, performance related bonus, health insurance, free holiday leaves and other perks.

Teach English in Shenzhen

Fun & Leisure

After a hectic week of teaching English to students in China, you can engage yourself in a variety of leisure activities in Shenzhen. There are easily accessible beaches and rich art and cultural heritage where you can spend peaceful moments with family and friends. These enjoyable recreational opportunities help you to recharge and reinvigorate yourself for another busy week.

Free Chinese Lessons

If you are looking to engage yourself in ESL jobs in Shenzhen, you should be open to learning Chinese language and culture. For foreign teachers, it becomes essential to learn more about the culture of the place to engage with students at an informal level. Most schools in the city organize free Chinese language teaching sessions for foreign teachers, allowing them to learn the language and also better acquainted with the culture. 

Active Students

Today, Chinese population realizes the importance of knowing English that gives them an advantage to communicate better with people living in other parts of the globe. This is the reason why they have a natural interest in learning the English language. They will be completely engrossed in the lesson plans and activities you will suggest them.

TEFL jobs in Shenzhen give you the complete freedom and flexibility to pursue your career and also spend your life in a peaceful and enjoyable manner.