Places to visit in Hong Kong

Have a quality experience in Hong Kong: Knowledge is Power!

The great thing about Hong Kong is that it is one of those places that has the hustle and bustle of big city life and if you need to escape it, a short ferry ride can take care of that for you. From a breathtaking view of Hong Kong’s skyline at Victoria Peak to a tranquil experience when visiting the Big Buddha, you will be spoilt for choice for things to do in Hong Kong. These places are known to many but there are others like the Tai O fishing village and the beautiful beaches of Lamma Island and Sai Kung Town that I enjoyed exploring while teaching English in Hong Long.

Tourist hot spots – get these ticked off ASAP

When you first arrive you will need to have a list of things to tick off your tourist bucket list in Hong Kong. You cannot stay in Hong Kong for longer than a month without having visited the Big Buddha on Lantau Island which you can get to by taking the MTR and a bus or the MTR, a bus and a cable car. I went twice and tried both ways and would suggest taking the cable car because they only seat around 6 people and it’s surrounded by class so the views are spectacular. Everything is easy to access and you will find ticket points at all these places. You will use your octopus card for the MTR, your card or cash for the bus and cash for the cable cars. You can also pre-book tickets online.

After a day visit to see the Big Buddha which also has a temple that you can visit at the same place, you could make your way back to the island and travel vertically on the peak tram to enjoy the stunning views at Victoria Peak. Try to go just before it gets dark so that you get to see the contrasting views of day and night. You may want to carry a selfie stick and a jacket!
Madame Tussauds is also situated in this area so you could try to get a special offer if you buy a ticket combo. The Hong Kong Peak tram experience is also quite cool so make a day of it!
Getting around to all these places will allow you to experience the MTR, buses, the tram, a cable car and if you manage your route well, you could also enjoy the Star Ferry! This is definitely a Hong Kong experience to be had.

Expat social life – so many options and so much time

There are many hotspots to go to for you to enjoy the nightlife in Hong Kong while teach English in Hong Kong and it will vary based on your personality and preference. Lan Kwai Fung is a popular spot for tourists who want to party hard. You will find everything from restaurants creating delicacies from around the world to bars and nightclubs. Don’t be surprised to see students on a budget grab a few beers from 7/11 and enjoy them while jiving to music on the streets.
If being surrounded by tourists is not your thing and you prefer more upmarket spots, you could try walking down the streets in Soho and you will be spoilt for choice with places to settle in for that cheeky cocktail. I recommend Varga Lounge!

Island Life – nobody regrets visiting an Island, right?

Getting rid of that hangover or just a busy work week can be done in the comfort of your apartment yes, but doesn’t it sound so much better to do it on an island, on the beach, while getting your dose of Vitamin D? You can hop on a ferry and make your way over to Lamma Island or Sai Kung and enjoy lunch at an array of restaurants boasting the freshest sea food, a swim in water with the perfect temperature or a snooze on the soft sand. My visits to the beach were so enjoyable and not at all crowded.

Hiking Trails – Enjoy the views and see where the path leads

You will be surrounded by tall buildings and large crowds every day and this can be overwhelming. If you need to recharge and reconnect with nature OR just want to be active and enjoy hikes then there are so many to enjoy in Hong Kong. Some hikes take you to beautiful waterfalls that you can dunk yourself in, viewpoints, or the beach. One of the hikes that I enjoyed was called “Dragons Back”. Once again to get to the starting point, we had to take the MTR and then a bus. Along the hike, there were many beautiful spots to stop at and take in the views of Shek O and Big Wave beaches. We hiked all the way to Big Wave beach and as the hike ended we entered a beautiful little village that had a selection of little shops leading to the beach. One of my friends ran out of water on the hike and all she could think of was holding a Coconut drink in hand…The first shop was well placed as it offered a variety of drinks including a drink in a Coconut or a Coconut drink – mission accomplished! We were parched so we had 2 each…one at the store itself and one at the beach, not before enjoying a well-deserved swim!

These are just a few suggestions of things to do in Hong Kong to balance city life, social life and taking in the beauty that is to be enjoyed all over Hong Kong! As an expat, there will always be little things to miss about home but Hong Kong is so dynamic that you are bound to find a place that fills or comes close to filling those voids. Have fun exploring!

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