Ningbo Teacher

Culture Shock in China

June 17, 2018 | Teach English in China

Is it a thing? The short answer is “YES IT IS!” However, in my experience, it wasn’t in the way I thought I’d experience culture shock. Let me explain why. Culture Shock because of Other Forei.... .

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My colleague in Thailand

The Best Part of Teaching is Everything Else

June 08, 2018 | Teach English in Thailand

Teaching is a fun profession in Thailand. The excitement stems from mostly one thing, all the non-teaching tim.... .

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Street View in Thailand

Finding Your Way in Bangkok, Thailand

June 03, 2018 | Teach English in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is a large city known for ornate shrines and vibrant street life. Bangkok is one of the world's top tourist destination cities. MasterCard ranked Bangkok as the top destination city by i.... .

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Koh Chang

Bringing in the New Year with a Bang in Thailand

May 26, 2018 | Teach English in Thailand

Koh Chang, Thailand To bring in the new year of 2017 with a bang, I chose to spend some time away from my lovely rural town in northeastern Thailand and travel to the lovely Thai island of .... .

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Hong Kong Apartments

House Hunting in Hong Kong

May 03, 2018 | Teach English in Hong Kong

Finding an Apartment in Hong Kong Hong Kong is notorious for it's ever-expanding population and chronic lack of space.  Around 7 million people live on 1,109 km2 of land.  In 2017, with sp.... .

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My Classroom in Hong Kong

Teaching in Hong Kong

April 28, 2018 | Teach English in Hong Kong

It's Time for Class "Miiiiiiiiister Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickyyyyyy.....!"  This is the familiar greeting I hear every morning when I walk into school and I'm greeted by a sea of chubby, smiley f.... .

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