Why Is It Rewarding To Grab English Teaching Opportunities Abroad?

September 02, 2017 | Teach English Abroad

While starting any discussion on English teaching opportunities abroad, it is paramount to analyze the role of globalization in the contemporary world. The entire world has been undergoing rapid change due to the phenomenon which is known as globalization. Although it might sound a little perplexing, the world is getting smaller because of this process. As technological advancements and innovations are rendering geographical boundaries insignificant from the communications standpoint, the world is getting transformed into a global village. People from different parts of the world can easily interact and transact among themselves without caring about differences in time zones and other parameters. Besides the wide range of benefits that have been brought about by globalization, there has also been a rise in the demand for a common medium of communication that can be used effectively in order to interact seamlessly on a global platform. English has been the lingua franca of the world since the olden days and for the same reason, it is the language that the world prefers even today. English teaching opportunities abroad have increased significantly in the past few decades because of the fact that English is not a native language in many countries of the world. Due to this reason, native English speakers and qualified English teachers are in high demand outside the English-speaking world.

English Teaching Job Markets Abroad

As the number of English teaching opportunities abroad is increasing every day, the English teaching job markets are also becoming more and more structured and defined. There are various countries in the world that are inherently rich in terms of natural as well as human resources. Globalization has made these countries highly popular destinations for investors, technocrats, and skilled professionals. Immigration rates have increased to a great extent. However, for many countries that belong to this league, English has never been a native language. When globalization had opened the doors for attracting investments that would, in turn, develop their economies, it also posed a challenge in terms of communication. Sensing the nascent demand which was ensuing from this situation, people from the English-speaking countries started to migrate in search of English teaching opportunities abroad. On the other hand, and rather simultaneously, corporate and government departments in non-English speaking nations started searching for proficient English teachers who could provide effective training to inculcate necessary language skills in their people. Very soon, English teaching job markets were created in different countries across the globe.

Today some of the most prominent English teaching job markets are present in South East Asian nations such as China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. It is interesting to note that a significantly large English teaching job market is even present in Russia. In the discussion that we have presented so far, it must have been clear to you that all the major English teach job markets abroad to have certain common characteristic features. They are either strong or growing economies. They are globally popular destinations for either business and technology, or travel and tourism, or both. Quite obviously, they are favorable pastures for people who look for English teaching opportunities abroad. Most of these job markets are beneficial for those English teaching professionals who have completed a formal tertiary (i.e. university) level education and have also acquired a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). The requirement of either of these two certifications should be considered to be paramount while searching for English teaching opportunities abroad. The holders of these certificates are considered to be proficient enough to teach English.

Rewards of English Teaching Opportunities Abroad

English teaching opportunities abroad do have a lot of rewards. While the salaries and other perks for English teaching jobs abroad might not be as high as those for job roles in the oil and gas, construction, mining, and other such sectors, they are still quite lucrative. Additionally, English teaching opportunities abroad are also not labor-intensive; therefore the teachers have to work for a lesser number of hours per week and get sufficient personal time that can be utilized in many different ways. An English teacher who has taken up a language teaching assignment abroad can always choose from a variety of teaching jobs. She can teach English in schools, to corporate professionals, or even to individuals who prefer to avail private tuitions after their work hours. The salaries would vary from one job type to another. Moreover, a teacher can also opt for multiple assignments if she can manage her schedule efficiently. That would allow her to increase her income.

Another great reward of English teaching opportunities abroad is that a person can explore new countries. Imagine, you have taken up an English teaching assignment in Indonesia or Russia! You can always have the opportunity to visit new places, meet new people and taste new delicacies. Isn’t that the kind of life that we all want? Well, English teaching opportunities abroad can definitely give you that. Along with a lucrative job that guarantees a decent pay-package, these opportunities would also give you the invaluable chance to appreciate the cultural diversities of the world and satisfy your wanderlust. On a whole, English teaching opportunities abroad are the tickets to a fantastic experience.


As the world is shrinking every day owing to fast-paced globalization, English has become highly important, and almost indispensable, as the global medium of communication. Outside the English-speaking world, there are numerous English teaching opportunities that are quite lucrative. Proficient English teachers who have acquired the necessary certifications can grab English teaching opportunities abroad and get nice salaries, as well as a great chance to explore new countries and the unique experiences that they offer. On the Mark TEFL would like to encourage English teachers from all over the world to come forward and get themselves TESOL/ TEFL certified so that they can successfully grab gainful English teaching opportunities abroad. We feel that these opportunities will surely help you enrich yourselves in a variety of ways.

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