Hong Kong Harbor

Visa Process in Hong Kong

For entry into Hong Kong and work visa activation, you will be arranging a trip from Hong Kong to Macau by ferry for after your arrival date. Times and dates for your specific visa trip will be suggested prior to your departure (usually the day before you are due to start work but please await confirmation). Feel free to visit www.turbojet.com.hk/en/ for ideas on pricing and travel time. All costs herein will be reimbursed by the company and all dates for ferry trips will be confirmed in the weeks leading up to your start date. Please note, if you do not book on your personal credit card then you will need to bring a photocopy of the credit card used (front and back), the ID of the person whose credit card you used AND the authorization form from the website (signed by them).

Upon arrival in Hong Kong, you will be issued a standard tourist visa stapled into your passport (you do not need anything for this but a valid passport). You will pick up your work visa once in Hong Kong, then activate it on your trip to Macau.

Hong Kong immigration will not allow you to enter without proof of an exit ticket. For this reason, you must bring proof of your Macau Ferry ticket with you.