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English Teaching Jobs in Thailand

English teaching jobs in ThailandThailand is often referred to as a golden land, not because there is precious metal buried underground but because the country gives off a certain lustre, be it the fertile rice fields of the central plains or the warm hospitality of its citizenry.

People come here as miners: first perhaps for the uniquely Western concepts of R&R. And while they toast themselves to a bronze hue on the sandy beaches, they find in the daily rhythm of Thailand a tranquility that isn’t confined to vacation time. Welcome to a life-altering experience disguised as a holiday.

This is an exotic land that is surprisingly convenient and accessible. Sliding down the coastal tail are evergreen limestone islands filled with tall palms that angle over pearlescent sand. Thailand’s beaches are stunning, hedonistic and mythic among residents of northern latitudes. But few visitors trudge into the northeast, a region better suited for homestays and teaching gigs than quick souvenir snapshots. In this scrappy region you can dive deep into the Thai psyche, emerging with a tolerance for searingly spicy food.

Always eager to please, Thailand is a thick maze of ambiguities and incongruities with an irresistible combination of natural beauty, historic temples, renowned hospitality and robust cuisine. The demand for ESL, TEFL jobs in Thailand is almost infinite and if you hold a degree, positions are virtually guaranteed. Foreign teachers in Thailand (an estimated 30,000-50,000 people).

While work at a school under the Thai Ministry of Education will only require a degree,  English teaching jobs in Thailand for those without degrees can be found in language schools and in private corporations. Some schools in rural areas of this beautiful country are exempt from this so if a real cultural experience is what you’re after, this is a great option for those without degrees.

Coming in just behind the king of Thailand and monks, English teachers throughout the kingdom hold a tremendous amount of respect.

Thailand is one of the most popular countries for work in ESL, TEFL jobs. Salaries are high compared to local standards and you can keep the cost of living very low if you choose to. After a bit of experience and the higher wages that accompany it, you can begin to even save some of your hard-earned cash.

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English Teaching Jobs in Thailand (Current Openings)

Kindergarten Thailand
Kindergarten Teaching in Bangkok, Thailand
Location: Bangkok  
Start Date: Sep, 2017
Contract Length: 12 months
Salary Range: 50,000 - 60,000 baht
Public Schools
Number of Positions: 2
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High School Jobs in Thailand
Teach High Schools in Thailand
Location: North / East / Central  
Start Date: May & June & Oct each year
Contract Length: 10 months
Salary Range: 33,000 - 35,000 Baht
Public Schools
Number of Positions: 50
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Teach English in Thailand
Kindergarten, Primary and High School Teacher in Thailand
Location: North / East / Central  
Start Date: May & June & Nov of each year
Contract Length: 4 months
Salary Range: 31,000 - 35,000 Baht / month
Public Schools
Number of Positions: 100
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