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Those searching the globe for English teaching assignments and a desire to live in a country offering stunning landscapes, island exploration, glorious stretches of coastline and a dragon that is no myth will find teaching English in Indonesia certainly fits the bill.

This vast, intriguing country consists of over 17,500 islands of which more than 6,000 are inhabited. It is home to a population rapidly approaching 250 million which makes it the 4th most populous country in the world.

These facts alone show the enormous scope for anyone wanting to take advantage of the countless teaching job opportunities in Indonesia.

The variation in terms of vibrant, energetic cities, laid-back beach destinations, stunning volcanic vistas, unique flora and fauna is simply stunning. Combine this with locals who are known for their warm welcome and friendly manner and you have the perfect recipe for an experience that allows for a varied stay with no shortage of things to fill your daily and weekend leisure time with a whole host of opportunities to discover things further afield during those extended school holidays.

Cities such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Surabaya offer an abundance of teaching opportunities across the country although positions do exit in smaller towns and cities. There is also the choice of Bali. This gorgeous Indonesian island has been a tourist mecca for decades and remains the choice of many returning visitors.

It must be said that securing a teaching position here will mean overcoming far more competition than other parts of the country, but there are vacancies available. Another factor to bear in mind is that English teaching in Indonesia at a more remote location still affords the opportunity to visit Bali during your extended holiday periods.

Salaries offered are generous in comparison to local standards and accommodation plentiful. Average working hours are between 20-25 hours although this will vary dependent upon the actual position taken.

In terms of settling in, many new arrivals either take over the accommodation of those who have completed their English teaching in Indonesia and are moving on to new pastures or share with others who are enjoying the experience of teaching English in Indonesia.

The salary levels achieved ensure a comfortable lifestyle, a good standard of living and enough spare time and money to explore the diversity of a country that will captivate the imagination.

There is a growing demand for English teaching jobs in Indonesia and a degree in teaching will virtually guarantee a position, but those without degrees who hold TEFL certification will also find a sufficient selection of vacancies.

Such a wide availability of opportunities should ensure that all those wishing to teach English in Indonesia will find something that suits them down to a tee.

If thoughts of Indonesia excite and you are ready to discover the immense rewards of teaching English to your chosen category of student then check out our Indonesia Job Board to understand opportunities and availability.

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English Teaching Jobs in Indonesia (Current Openings)

Teach Adult English in Jakarta
Teach Adult English in Indonesia
Location: Bandung , Jakarta  
Start Date: Not Hiring Due to COVID-19
Contract Length: 12 months
Salary Range: 1,130 USD
Private Language School
Number of Positions: 0
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