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Indonesia Visa Process

Teaching in Indonesia can be an extremely rewarding occupation from a cultural and travel point of view. Such employment also allows many to save some salary on a regular, monthly basis. However, securing a teaching position also means getting through the Indonesia visa process.

Our specialist coordinators will be only to pleased to help you through what can be a testing Indonesia visa application process, but teachers must always bear in mind that the ultimate responsibility to secure a working visa is theirs.

Because private language schools as well as public schools hire on a year-round basis and will often carry out the interview via phone, e-mail and video-conferencing there is never a bad time to begin looking into the Indonesia visa policy and its mandatory requirements.

During such interviews it is essential that your prospective employer states clearly that they will sponsor you for the position being discussed.

During such discussions it would be wise to raise the question as to what assistance your sponsor can offer in terms of the Indonesia visa fees you will be required to pay before being legally allowed to work in the country. It will also do no harm to see if they include accommodation or an accommodation allowance in the package offered.


This is the name given locally to employment visas for foreign nationals wishing to work in Indonesia and it cannot be stressed strongly enough how vital it is to have a solid sponsor before you begin an Indonesia visa application.

Here are requirements your sponsor must address as well as those you will be responsible for.

Document responsibilities – Sponsor:

  • A copy of the company’s act pertaining to your sponsor
  • A copy of the letter confirming the company’s location
  • Copy of the company’s NPWP (tax number)
  • Copy of the company’s SIUP (business licence)
  • Details and schematic of the company structure
  • Standard employee contract (this is for companies employing foreign workers)
  • A copy of the director(s) I.D. Card(s)
  • Confirmation and copy of the report – Labour department adaptation UU no 17, 1981
  • A copy of KTP of another Indonesian work colleague
  • A total of 20 (twenty) company letterheads stamped with the company seal and signed by the company director

Document responsibilities – You!

  • Copy of your current passport – This must have at least 6 months validity remaining
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) and relevant references
  • Current passport-size photographs on red backgrounds as follows:
  • 4 x 6 = 21 photos
  • 3 x 4 = 8 photos
  • 2 x 3 = 6 photos
  • This makes a total of 35 photos you must submit

Bringing family with you:

If you intend to bring your wife and any children to stay with you in Indonesia during your employment you will also have to submit copy of the wife/husband and any children passports, a copy of your official marriage certificate, copies of children’s birth certificates where applicable, a copy of the family register and passport sized photographs of each member who will reside with you as follows:

4 x 6 = 12 photos

3 x 4 = 4 photos

2 x 3 = 4 photos

Indonesia visa process – Approval

Once all relevant documents and a completed visa form are ready these documents will be sent to the responsible government office in Jakarta for approval. Upon approval, which can take up to 30 days before a decision is made, you will receive a “telex visa”.

Receipt of the “telex visa” allows you to apply for the official visa at your nearest Indonesian embassy or overseas consulate. The Indonesia visa fees must be paid in local currency for the visa application and for the duration of the visa. These fees will vary, hence the advantage of having a sponsor fully on your side.


Upon receipt of your visa you must go to Indonesia and report to the immigration office no later than 7 days after receipt. Once your visit to the immigration office is complete you will wait up to 30 days before receiving the following documents that allow you to legally stay and work in the country:

  • KITAS – This is your limited stay permit
  • A Blue Book – This is issued by immigration
  • A Yellow book – This is the police certificate
  • A report certificate from the police known as an STM
  • Your official working permit – known locally as your IKTA


The above documents allowing you to live and work in the country are, in most cases valid for one year and will cost US $1,200. This fee is payable to the Indonesian government. Once again, any sponsor or agency assistance in this respect will be a bonus.

Although there are challenges to obtaining the official documentation which will allow you to teach in Indonesia, the rewards for such endeavour will far outweigh them.

Anyone serious about teaching in Indonesia should contact us now to begin the process.