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Teaching English in Saudi Arabia can be an extremely rewarding and lucrative assignment for those wishing to either expand on their overseas teaching experiences, or for those just starting out on a teaching career with a difference.

It must be said at the outset that English teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia are not for everyone. While the country is the wealthiest Arab nation thanks to its tremendous oil reserves it is also one that demands tradition be respected and strict laws to be upheld.

Those prepared to accept such laws and embrace the fact that the country is the conservative home of Islam will find their time here extremely rewarding.

These rewards include generous remuneration that makes teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia amongst the most lucrative the world over, comfortable accommodation, a relaxed, unhurried lifestyle plus the fact that the majority of locals are extremely hospitable and will go out of their way to help.

Perks will often include such things as return airfare, an arranged working visa; subject to your meeting health requirements, health insurance and accommodation offered or a monthly allowance towards it.

One certainty is that wherever you decide to look for teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia the salary will be tax-free.

These generous salaries and benefits on offer for those choosing English teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia mean that a comfortable lifestyle will be achieved. You will have ample free time as teaching generally covers Saturdays to Wednesdays each week with longer holiday periods commensurate to the position taken, and the opportunity to save a healthy portion of your monthly salary is a very realistic possibility.

You must be prepared for sunshine year-round (although dependent upon your location you should expect chilly nights!), and to make the most of your stay you will benefit from making the effort to get out and seek some of the historical sites as well as natural wonders that the country has to offer.

Institutions in the country tend to place emphasis on qualifications rather than experience when looking for applicants to fill the many teaching vacancies in Saudi Arabia. For example, a BA (in any subject) combined with TEFL certification will open the doors wide to a whole host of opportunities.

There is a significant youth population in the country with a growing hunger to become part of the world-wide community. To achieve this, a command and understanding of English is required hence the number of available teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia for those who are qualified.

While such opportunities exist throughout the country the 3 major hubs are to the east, the west and in the centre of the Kingdom.

Those with a leaning towards more academic teaching will be best suited to the centre of the country and the busy capital city of Riyadh. This is where the majority of universities exist, a greater mix of nationalities, choices of coffee shops and restaurants, but a more conservative way of life should be expected.

The west of the country is seen by many to be the most open. Easy access to the Red Sea which offers excellent diving prospect and beautiful private beaches as well as historical sites and a wide selection of restaurants will be yours. Employment prospects exist in universities as well as an abundance of colleges looking for those wishing to secure teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia

However, those wishing to have the comfort of being within easy striking distance of Bahrain, which is far less restrictive in terms of alcohol use and sexual segregation laws should consider the east of the country and locations such as Dammam, Khobar and Al-Ahsa.

Saudi Arabia should be looked at as a country of contrasts, but contrasts that can be most rewarding and fulfilling. If you feel ready for the challenges that teaching English in Saudi Arabia offer then check out our Saudi Arabia Job Board to understand the opportunities available.


Looking for English Teaching Jobs in Saudi Arabia? Check out our Saudi Arabia Job Board.


English Teaching Jobs in Saudi Arabia (Current Openings)

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Teach English in an International School Saudi Arabia
Location: Riyadh  
Start Date: Aug, 2022
Contract Length: 12 months
Salary Range: 11,000 - 14,000 SR
Public Schools
Number of Positions: 20
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ESL Jobs in Saudi Arabia
Teach Adult English in Saudi Arabia
Location: Jeddah  
Start Date: Aug, 2020
Contract Length: 12 months
Salary Range: 10,500 to 11,150 SAR
Private Language School
Number of Positions: 15
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