Currency in China

Teaching Salary and Savinga in China

Schools in different cities provide different compensation packages to teachers. Many schools provide flight reimbursement, housing allowance or free shared accommodation, insurance, bonuses, etc. Schools with higher salaries may compensate by providing fewer extras.

Some teachers may prefer a higher salaried position and to find their own housing (with help provided by the school). Other teachers may prefer to accept a lower salary with flight reimbursement and free accommodation included. Either way, teachers will find it is easy to live comfortably in China with whichever package they choose.

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How much can you save per month teaching in China It depends on your life style, but most teachers find it easy to save a significant amount of cash!

General monthly expenses
  • Utilities (water, electricity, gas): 200 – 300 RMB
  • Internet: 100 RMB
  • Cell phone: 60 – 70 RMB (150 RMB max)
  • Food: 3000 – 3,500 RMB (If you eat out for most meals)
  • Average Salary: 9,000 RMB

As you can see, it’s easy to save 4000 RMB ($652 US) or more every month!


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