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Teach English Abroad – FAQs

Can I teach English abroad even if I’ve never taught before?

Yes, there are many schools in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Russia that will consider candidates without any previous English teaching experience. Plus, the schools will also provide 1 to 2 weeks of training upon arrival so you can learn more about the school, their style of teaching, and the material they use.

We are looking for candidates who
  • Have a passion for teaching English in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Russia
  • Have a bachelor’s degree (minimum)
  • Have a TEFL certificate (preferred)
  • Are native English speakers (preferred)
  • Have previous language-teaching experience (preferred)

Do I really need a TEFL certificate?

A TEFL certificate is an important certificate to have when applying for English teaching jobs abroad and around the world. It will certainly open more doors for you, and candidates who have a TEFL certificate will have a greater number of schools to choose from. We usually suggest that candidates with no previous teaching experience can undergo a 120 hour online TEFL certification course to make their English teaching job applications more competitive.

Is it OK if I can’t speak Chinese, Thai or the local language?

Yes! There are many English teachers living in China, Thailand and Russia who cannot speak Chinese, Thai or Russian although it is definitely beneficial in helping you get around and getting to know the locals. Some schools offer language lessons for ESL teachers who are eager to learn Chinese, Thai and Russian.

Will there be anyone there to help me get around since I don’t know Chinese or Thai?

Schools have administration assistants whose job is to help ESL teachers! Need to buy a mobile phone? They’ll go with you. Not sure how to get somewhere? They’ll write it down so you can find your way. Want to book train or plane tickets for your holiday? They’ll be happy to help. They are also on call 24 hours a day to help English teachers in case of emergencies.

Should I get any vaccinations before I go to China?

Although it isn’t required, many candidates get Hepatitis A & B vaccinations before leaving for China. All English teachers will be required to undergo a medical 1-3 days after arrival, which includes height, weight, a blood sample, and a chest x-ray. On average it takes around 60-90 minutes.

How do I get to the school?

Most schools will provide airport pick up. Once your Visa process is done, then you can book your plane ticket to the country you are going to teach. You need to inform the school your flight details so they can arrange the airport pick.