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Finding an Apartment in Hong Kong

Moving to a new country can be as stressful as it can be exciting and one of the main stress factors includes finding your ideal home away from home. For many expats who move to Hong Kong, their home is the place to escape the overwhelming amount of people bumping and dodging them on the streets. However, you soon learn that any hopes of having your own, spacious, ideal located haven can be dashed if your budget is not high enough. Read on for tips on preparing yourself ahead of your move to Hong Kong with regards to your accommodation.

Securing Accommodation before You Arrive

It is always best to secure some sort of temporary accommodation before you arrive in Hong Kong to make your transition easy. The best option here is to look out on websites for shared, short term (month to month perhaps?) accommodation. If it’s your first time in Hong Kong, my advice is to find a shared short term place so that you get to:

  • Meet people and don’t feel terribly lonely, they can also be helpful in sharing their experience and helping you out.
  • Familiarize yourself with the transportation, route to work, different areas.
  • It gives you time to search and view apartments before settling for one.
  • If you decide to get your own lease then they will request proof of employment, bank details etc. so it gives you time to get your admin in order

There are many websites to secure accommodation and try to only pay when you arrive in Hong Kong. Some useful sites: geoexpat.com, easyroommate.com etc.

Finding an Apartment

There are many platforms to search for apartments to rent in Hong Kong such as online sites. A useful tip is to join Facebook groups as agents post available rentals here and usually provide all the important details including pictures. It is also easy to engage with them and set up appointments to view. There is always a demand for apartments in Hong Kong so if you like a place, there will be pressure secure it immediately. Once you decide on your ideal location and budget, you start the research process. Try to schedule a few viewings with an agent. They often have more places than the one advertised. Always check what their requirement is and if you can afford it. The norm is 2 months deposit, 1 months’ rent and in some cases, they will also request an agency fee which may be half of the rental amount. There are places that are month to month, only request 1 months deposit and no agency fee. Try to look for the best option for you. 

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What Happens after You Find a Place You Like?

Once you find a place you like, you will be required to provide paperwork which includes copies of your passport, Hong Kong ID card, and proof of employment, bank details and your deposit and rental amount. It really is quite easy to secure the apartment once you find it. Make sure to ask questions about the utility bill amounts for water and electricity, Wi-Fi and so on. Always negotiate the initial price they give you because in most cases, they do lower the rent amount. I have not heard of any unpleasant experiences with rent or deposits in Hong Kong and people are generally fair here so all should go as well as possible!

If having a spacious place on Hong Kong Island is very important to you, do not despair because it can be achieved with sharing and being prepared to pay extra for it. And as mentioned prior, if you don’t mind the commute, you can secure beautiful spacious homes on other islands. Apartments generally have a modern finish, a western toilet system and separate showers and toilets, which were a few key deciding factors for me but you have to look out for them and not just settle. Once you find out what your deciding factors are, finding your ideal place in Hong Kong will be possible. Good luck!

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Hear from Our Teacher in Shanghai – Miss Thompson

Before Coming to China

Why did you want to teach in China?
I had just finished a teaching contract in Vietnam. Having been there for 2 years I decided I wanted a change of scene. I knew I enjoyed living in Asia, and China seemed like a good next step so I choose Shanghai city.

How was your experience finding a job through On the Mark Education Consulting?
Finding a job with On the Mark was very easy. Within days of sending my CV and paperwork over, I had an interview set up with the company I ultimately signed a contract with. I had a few interviews with different companies so I could really weigh out my options and decide what would be best for me.

How long did it take to get your visa? How was the communication with the school during the visa process?
It took a couple of months to get my visa. There are a lot of steps and loops to jump through, not from the schools side, but from the government departments I was dealing with. However the school were very helpful and I was kept updated and informed, so even though it took a while it always felt under control.

What website did you use to book your ticket to Thailand?
I used skyscanner to book my flight.

Teach in Shanghai

Teaching Life in China

What was your first impression of Shanghai upon arrival?
My first impression of Shanghai was busy, but exciting. There is always something interesting to see, smell, buy or do. The rush hour crowds are pretty intense but you do get used to being crammed in on the metro!

What was the biggest culture shock about China and/or in your current city?
The not queuing. Chinese people don’t queue for things. It seems quite acceptable to barge people out of the way to get on the metro. I was standing waiting to pay at a supermarket and an old lady just stepped in front of me and put her stuff in front of mine. It funny getting your head round how people’s minds work so differently!

What’s your favorite memory of life in China?
My favorite memory so far of living in China happened over the mid Autumn festival. My elderly Chinese neighbors insisted that myself and my boyfriend join them for their Mid Autumn festival meal. They speak a very small amount of English and we have only a small amount of beginners Chinese, but we sat and ate homemade dumplings and sipped vodka from eggcups for a few hours together. The vodka definitely helped the language barrier and the food was delicious. It made us feel like we had come a long way since we had first arrived in China.

What do you like most about working for your school?
I really like the hours I work. 5pm – 8pm weekdays and then all day on the weekends. It gives me a lot of free time to explore Shanghai and visit other places.

What three things do you wish you would have known or brought with you before you arrived?

1. I wish I had bought more blonde hair dye with me! Not easy to find.
2. Buying simple medicines, like painkillers, is difficult. I wish I had bought more with me.
3. Download a VPN before arriving! I know I would need one, but for some reason didn’t do it beforehand. It took me a while going through the back routes to download and set up a VPN on all my devices. It’s a hassle that can and should be avoided!

Did you have the opportunity to save any money? What percentage of your salary were you able to save each month?
I am able to save money every month teaching in China. It would be easy to spend your whole salary in Shanghai, but if you want to save money then it is very possible to set a budget and still enjoy yourself.

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Benefits of Teaching English in Shanghai

China’s newfound love for the English language can bring several benefits for the certified teachers willing to teach English in China. The oriental nation is fast becoming a hub of English learners and major cities in the country, like Beijing and Shanghai are offering lucrative opportunities for English language teachers. Anyone interested to Teach English in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities in China can take advantage of the opportunity to build a teaching career in China.

Teaching English In Shanghai, China
China’s newfound love for the English language can bring several benefits for the certified teachers

More than Just a Teaching Job

Teaching English in China is just not another job. There is an immense respect and credibility that has been associated with the teaching profession in the country. Besides, one can have fun-filled and satisfying life in teaching Chinese students. Parents in China are more than willing to pay handsomely for their children’s adequate language proficiency that can help them in getting higher education in international universities. More and more ESL and TEFL teachers are required for Chinese students to achieve the necessary English language proficiency that can ensure their admission in an international university.

Scores of ESL & TEFL Jobs

There is a significant demand of ESL & TEFL tutors in China. A qualified English teacher can have good prospect in tutoring Chinese students and can command a good earning in the burgeoning Chinese ESL market. There are an immense number of ESL jobs in Shanghai itself, and there are other Chinese cities that also bring good prospects for qualified English teachers. Even semi-qualified individuals can find English teaching jobs in China and can spend a good lifestyle in the country. Besides high-paying salaries, native-English teachers can also enjoy liberal visa policies to stay in China and live their enjoyable life.

TEFL jobs in Shanghai
Teach English in Shanghai and enjoy it’s cosmopolitan culture

Since there are a wide variety of TEFL jobs in Shanghai and parts of China, the country is fast emerging as a hot destination for qualified English language teachers. Shanghai is often known for its cosmopolitan culture and one can have a quality life in the city, teaching students who are very much keen in learning the English language. It is estimated that millions of students in the country are more than eager to gain a significant expertise in English and this creates job prospects for English teachers to enter China and start living a happy and prosperous life.

Expanding English Teaching Jobs Market

Teach English Abroad
English teachers can enjoy a good life in China, teaching English-loving Chinese population.

While the demand for English teachers in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries is dying down, it is significantly peaking in China. There are an abundance of English teaching jobs in Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities throughout China. As per an estimate, the English teaching job market in the country is growing at a substantial rate of 12-15% per year, and this growth rate will continue in the next few years. In such a scenario, English teachers can enjoy a good life in China, teaching English-loving Chinese population.

On the Mark is now looking for enthusiastic new and experienced teachers to join our team in Shanghai, China.