Hear from Our Teacher in Thailand – Alexandra

October 31, 2016 | Teach English in Thailand

Before Coming to Thailand

Why did you want to teach in Thailand?
I decided to teach in Thailand for the beautiful scenery and new culture. I also really liked the short term contracts (1 term) for teachers which allowed me to move to different schools and see many areas of the country.

How was your experience finding a job through On the Mark Education?
They were very helpful in finding a job. Originally, I looked for a placement in Russia, but the timing wasn’t right for me. So they suggested other locations. Then I decided to come back to Thailand for 1 more term.

What website did you use to book your ticket to Thailand?
I used booking.com

Teaching Life in Thailand

What was your first impression of Thailand upon arrival?
Very hot, friendly and smiling people, but they are shy. They will only ask you a few questions they know in English then not approach you. Took several months to get used to spicy food. You must learn the basics of the language to get around (numbers, simply verbs, taxi direction language).

What was the biggest culture shock about Thailand and/or in your current city?
The heat. It’s the only thing I don’t like about Thailand. Working in an office that does not turn on the air con until 10 am is also very uncomfortable. I would choose to move schools because the classes and the office is not always comfortable. It makes me feel sick and get rashes.

What’s your favorite memory of life in Thailand?
Meeting my current boyfriend in Bangkok and cycling 1,000s of kilometers through Phayao and Chiang Rai provinces. Beautiful !

What do you like most about working for your school?
Not difficult hours. Enough time to make lessons, mark simple papers or group projects. Girls are nice and fairly well behaved. I bet mixed classes would be wild.

What three things do you wish you would have known or brought with you before you arrived?
This time when I came back to Thailand I brought back many vitamins and Omega 3 supplements. I got colds and sick very often my first year here. I am also diligent to wash my hands or use hand sanitizer after getting tropical colds frequently. This time coming back to Thailand, I have not been sick once.

I also brought 2 pairs of great walking sandals from home. They were expensive but fit amazing. Buying clothes here often don’t fit (too tight/short) and the shoes are so narrow. The shoes don’t even always fit Thai girls’ feet, but they wear them anyways. I don’t get it.


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