TEFL / TESOL Certification

Do I need a TEFL certificate?

Over the last decade, the demand for QUALIFIED English teachers has grown. Overseas employers now seek out people who have completed at least some basic training in teaching English and people who have an understanding of what is required once they enter the classroom.

As a native speaker of English you are in high demand for teaching positions around the world. Not only do you bring your SPOKEN English to the classroom, but you also bring your innate UNDERSTANDING of the language – you know the unique way in which English functions in the real world, rather than just what can be learnt from a book – the slang, the idiosyncrasies, the customs of the language.

Although schools in some parts of the world may require only that you be a native speaker, most institutions prefer to hire teachers with some training. And in an increasingly competitive environment, it’s an absolute necessity at some schools. In any case, having a TESOL or TEFL certificate on your C.V. will make the difference between you and another native English speaker, and can increase your chances of working at a better school and/or receiving a higher salary.

According to our experience with the schools, they would consider hiring candidates who has 100 to 120 hour TEFL certificate.