TEFL / TESOL Certification

Online TEFL Course

There are many reasons for choosing an online program but for the moment consider the following six advantages

  1. The opportunity to follow a very substantial course of professional training at a fee much lower than would normally be the case.
  2. The possibility to work from home at ones own pace during the course. This is particularly useful for those teachers in employment who seek a course of professional enrichment but cannot afford a period away from their regular employment.
  3. Adequate time to fully cover and, importantly, absorb the wide range of materials essential to a quality course and professional training.
  4. The very considerable saving, in terms of both time and money, as a result of not having to travel to a place of study and not having to meet the residential costs often involved.
  5. Confidence, through the acquisition of substantial subject knowledge, prior to any teaching.
  6. One is usually able to start a distance course whenever one wishes. One begins as soon as one enrolls and one should, within reason, be able to take as long as one needs.

Cost and convenience are the advantages of online TEFL certifcate programs. These courses can be completed from any computer anywhere in the world and usually cost a fraction of on-site programs.

If spending a month in another city or paying the tuition of an on-site course is not feasible for you, a distance /online program is your best option. Online programs are likewise a good choice if you are unsure about teaching as a career and are not ready to invest the time and money in a regular TEFL course. Like on-site programs, online TEFL courses are not standardized and you need to do your homework.