The Beauty and Diversity Offered By Thailand Markets

August 31, 2017 | Teach English in Thailand

Thailand Markets

Thailand offers some of the best markets that I have come across and I have been to 18 countries. The Thailand markets are vibrant and full of energy.  Not only will you find some great items for a discounted rate, but you will also see things that you are not sure what to make of. The markets provide an experience of a lifetime that will make you smile, make you want to puke, and just make you say, “Oh, My Gosh!” It is a place where all retailers, fishermen, farmers, and so many more come to sell their goods. It attracts tourists, locals, and just about anyone that visits the areas of a market.

The Thailand markets are an inseparable aspect of the country and they can be found in any city or town in Thailand. You may see more of them versus grocery stores, depending on the area you reside in. You will see clothes, shoes, and food such as vegetables, fruit, meat (that I would not buy unless it is cooked), and live animals to eat such as frogs, fish, chicks, and bugs. Though there are questionable things there, some of the best items that I have purchased have all been bought at a market. I have bought clothes, shoes, food, and I have even gotten my clothes hemmed there.

The Market Bargaining Experience

When you enter Thailand markets, know that you are in for a treat and that you can bargain just about any price that you want but, be prepared to not always get the price that you want. Overall, it is customary to bargain unless you just want to be oversold on a product and pay more than a regular retailer. Thais will generally start off with a much higher price, especially if you are a foreigner but, know that you have the upper hand because you have the cash in hand. FYI, Thailand is more of a cash based place. There are some places that take cards but, you won’t find them in the Thailand markets so, come prepared.

When in Thailand markets, be reasonable while starting off and know that you will more than likely meet in the middle for a price that the both of you will find suitable. If you do not agree on the price, then keep shopping because more than likely that is not the only retailer selling that particular item. I always find it nice to walk around first depending on how big the market is to get an idea of what is there.

My Favorites

I love to go to my local market in Phibun, Ubon Ratchathani at various times of the day because there will be certain foods only offered until a certain time. For instance, I love the grilled bananas and sweet potatoes but, they are only offered until noon. For dinner, I like to go for grilled chicken, bagged salad (made by a local), and various Thai dishes like Som Tam (papaya salad). Other items such as vegetables, fruit, raw meat, clothes, and shoes can be bought at any time.  In addition to the larger market that my town has, there is also a market that is set up on Mondays and Fridays. I tend to skip the Monday market but, the Friday market usually offers clothing items that you will only see at this market.

Overall, the market experience in Thailand can’t be missed or replaced by the mall. The lively atmosphere and the random things that you will see in Thailand markets are unique about Thailand. My favorite market, other than my local market, is the Chatuchak weekend market located in Bangkok. It is only open on Saturday and Sunday nights but, provides the best deals, live bands, antiques, food, and a hidden rooftop to watch it all from. While you are here, make it a point to go to a market. Not only will it save you money but, it will leave you with a memory of items that you can only see at one.

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