Visa stamp Thailand

Thailand Visa Process

 You will need two official documents to work in Thailand.
  1. A Non-Immigrant B visa to allow you to live here.
  2. A work permit allowing you to work in the country.

Our schools will cover the cost of the work permit and will do all the paperwork required for obtaining it. You can rest assured that as soon as you hand over and sign the required documents, our consulting team will assure that you have everything you need to work and live in Thailand legally.

Concerning Visas, the payment of it will be your responsibility. Your most cost effective option of acquiring one will be applying for a Non-Immigrant B single entry Visa from the Thai embassy in your home country.

The other option is to acquire a Tourist Visa in your home country, which will allow you to stay in Thailand for 60 days.  Otherwise, if you arrive to Thailand without a pre-existing Visa, you will receive a one month tourist Visa upon arrival at the airport. We will then arrange for you to go on a two day Visa run to acquire a Non-Immigrant B Visa from a neighboring country. This will cost approximately 6,500 Baht; however, one of our schools will provide a coverage of 2,000 Baht for your Visa run. We will provide you with more country specific information about the acquiring of Visa after the interviewing process.