Useful Tips for Creating a Resume for English Teaching Jobs Abroad

October 12, 2016 | Teach English Abroad

There has been a surge in demand for English teachers in various countries such as China, Thailand, Russia and more. A growing number of people are looking to teach English abroad and earn good money and travel. However, when applying for an ESL job, you have to keep in mind that your resume can make or break your chances of getting the TEFL job.

We have all heard of an old adage “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” This holds so true when you apply for an English teaching job abroad or for that matter any job. A great resume may not guarantee you a job but it definitely pushes your chances of getting the job you so badly want. Whereas a terrible resume ensures you won’t get a job.

 Let’s have a look at some of the useful tips to put together an eye-catching resume that makes you stand out and increase your chances of fetching the English teaching job in Shanghai, Thailand, Hong Kong or anywhere abroad.

Use spell check
A resume that is full of too many typos and grammatical errors is a huge TURN OFF. If your resume is filled with spelling errors, be assured you have killed your chances of getting the job. Which company would hire a ESL teacher, if he/she can’t even spell-check his/her own resume? Every computer is equipped with spell check. Please use it. And if possible, get a friend who is good in English to cross check your resume.

Offer relevant information
Think from employers point of view. Any ESL job posting invites at least hundreds of applications. Employers don’t have the time to carefully read each and every CV. Rather they scan through resumes to spot qualified applicants with the desired qualifications and if they can’t find the information they are looking for in a few seconds, your CV goes to the trash folder.

To teach English in Beijing or anywhere abroad, include all the qualifications and information broadly in resume such as TESOL/TEFL certification, your teaching experience overseas, teaching license, any awards and so on.

Rather than worrying about the font, strive to present a clear and concise resume containing all the relevant information in chronological order. In short, provide the necessary information in an easy to read format.

Focus on how you can contribute
Most job seekers fail to realize is that a CV is not about what a unique, wonderful person you are. Rather a resume should reflect how your skills and experience position you as a good candidate for the job you are applying for. Leave the tidbits about your passion, hobbies and so on. Rather highlight how your unique talents make you an ideal candidate for the role.

Highlight work experience
When applying for ESL jobs in Beijing, Shanghai or anywhere abroad, always remember that you have to portray yourself as a person who has the willingness to push your boundaries, move to a new country, communicate across language barriers and adapt to a new environment. After all, we live in a globalized world; where companies are looking for skilled people who can face new challenges. Hence highlight your international teaching experience and any TEFL training you have undergone.

Please feel free to download our resume sample here

Often times, a nice reference letter will boost your qualification too. Feel free to download a sample here.


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